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English Edition – What’s Going On In My Body?

All about the Female Cycle, Periods and Fertility.

This is a handbook to accompany young girls during the exciting years in which they develop from being a girl to becoming a woman!

In a natural, entertaining and comprehensible way Dr. Elisabeth Raith-Paula describes what a woman should know about her female body, her cycle and her fertility.
The information within this book eases young girls’ concerns about the changes that take place during puberty. It also provides vital information for older girls and young women, answering questions like “when am I fertile?” and “how do different contraceptive methods interact with the female body?” in order to dispel risky myths and misunderstandings due to incomplete knowledge about the fertile phase in a woman’s cycle. This book provides a clear and science-based source of information for school teachers, youth workers and clinicians. It supports mothers in preparing their daughters for their first menstruation in a loving way – a unique approach in sexual education literature!

New edition 2018
Gerhard Paula MFM PrintMedia
Price: 13 GBP / 15 € / 18 $
ISBN: 978-3-00-058549-4
E. Raith-Paula M.D.